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We Believe in Adding Value

Unlock the same tax-saving strategies Fortune 500 companies use, now tailored to boost not only the financial health but also the physical and mental well-being of your employees. At Fig Leaf Financial Group, in partnership with Health Compass, we are excited to introduce our new Health and Wellness program. This comprehensive suite of wellness benefits is designed to promote a healthier, happier workforce at no extra cost to you or your employees.


Discover rebates, incentives, and other programs to reduce your tax liability, such as R&D Tax Credit, Utility Cost Reduction, Employee Retention Credit, Cost Segregation, and Work Opportunity Tax Credits.

HNW Strategies

We provide succession planning, trusts, premium finance, 401K review, buy-sell agreements, and more for business owners and CEOs.

Health & Wellness Program

In partnership with Health Compass, we offer a robust suite of preventative wellness benefits at no net cost to the employer or employees, fully funded with tax savings.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Many small and medium-sized businesses aren’t aware of the tax incentives, rebates, and wellness programs they qualify for. This oversight means potential financial growth and wellness opportunities are missed. Our experts at Fig Leaf Financial Group can help you identify and capitalize on these prospects, enhancing not only your bottom line but also your team’s overall health.

Are You Eligible for Our Services?

If you answer yes to these three questions, we can likely help you.

    Why Fig Leaf?

    Inspired by the symbol of success and abundance, we at Fig Leaf Financial Group are committed to helping businesses uncover the financial benefits they might be leaving unclaimed. With years of experience in working with various industries and sizes, we are your partners in financial growth and stability.

    What Others Say


    At Fig Leaf Financial Group, we combine our deep understanding of financial strategies with a personalized approach to help organizations maximize their potential.

    • Identify

      Our journey begins with a conversation. We take the time to understand your organization, its unique challenges, and the financial opportunities that may be currently overlooked. Together, we uncover the untapped tax incentives and benefits that could transform your financial landscape.

    • Strategize

      Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your organization, we craft a tailored financial strategy. This plan is designed to fit your organization perfectly, leveraging our extensive knowledge of tax incentives, employee benefits, and innovative financial planning techniques.

    • Implement

      With the strategy in place, we spring into action. Like skilled financial architects, we start building your optimized financial future. Each step is calculated, with your organization's growth and success as our primary goal.

    • Monitor

      Once your customized financial plan is in motion, our work doesn't stop. We continuously monitor its performance, ensuring it's delivering the benefits we anticipated. We make adjustments as needed, because just like your organization, your financial plan should never stand still.

    • Optimize

      As your organization evolves, so too will your financial needs. We remain committed to optimizing your financial strategy, keeping pace with your growth. We regularly review and refine your plan, ensuring it continues to provide maximum benefits and aligns perfectly with your evolving needs.

    Diverse Industries

    We empower industries, from tech startups to healthcare providers, with financial strategies tailored to their unique needs.


    Providing strategic financial planning for healthcare institutions to navigate the unique challenges of this vital industry.


    Offering savvy financial solutions to educational institutions, helping to foster learning environments of excellence.


    Delivering robust financial strategies to manufacturers, powering innovation and efficiency in production.


    Enabling tech firms to drive innovation with confidence through expert financial counsel and strategies.


    Equipping construction companies with financial strategies designed to build robust and sustainable growth.


    Assisting non-profits to maximize their resources and extend their reach through intelligent financial planning.


    Empowering retailers to thrive in competitive markets with strategic financial management and planning.


    Helping agriculture businesses cultivate success through effective financial management and strategic planning.


    Ensuring hospitality enterprises provide unforgettable experiences with the support of sound financial strategies.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Fig Leaf Financial Group?

      Fig Leaf Financial Group is a consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses and other organizations maximize tax savings and increase profitability. We offer numerous valuable services such as identifying tax incentives, tax rebates, and other cost saving programs. Our aim is to help our clients reduce liabilities and turn them into assets.

      What services does Fig Leaf Financial Group offer?

      Fig Leaf Financial Group offers a range of services designed to help businesses maximize their financial potential. These include identifying and claiming tax incentives, setting up free health plans for employees, and connecting businesses with industry-specific lenders. We also offer our Preventative Health & Wellness program, a comprehensive wellness plan funded by tax credits.

      What is the Fig Leaf Financial Health & Wellness program?

      The Fig Leaf Financial Health & Wellness Program is an employee benefit program offered by Fig Leaf Financial Group. The program provides a full wellness plan at no net cost to employers. It includes a personal health dashboard, access to preventative care programs, personal health coaching, telehealth services, and an employee assistance program.

      How can the Health & Wellness program benefit my organization?

      The Health & Wellness program can benefit your business in several ways. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive health plan at no net cost, helping to attract and retain employees. Secondly, the program is funded by tax credits, meaning that you can provide this benefit without incurring additional costs. This can result in significant savings, potentially up to $2000 per employee per year.

      How can the Fig Leaf Financial Health & Wellness program benefit my employees?

      For employees, the Fig Leaf Financial Health & Wellness program offers a suite of preventative health services. These include a personal health dashboard, access to preventative care programs, personal health coaching, and telehealth services. The program aims to help employees manage their lifestyle and prevent/manage diseases, ultimately saving them time and money. Furthermore, the Health & Wellness program includes an employee assistance program, providing support for a range of personal issues that could impact work performance, health, and well-being.

      How is the Health & Wellness program funded?

      The Health & Wellness program is funded by tax credits. These credits accrue each pay period and can be used to offset the cost of providing health benefits. This means that employers can offer a comprehensive health program without incurring additional costs.

      How can Fig Leaf Financial Group help my business claim tax incentives?

      At Fig Leaf Financial Group, we specialize in identifying and claiming tax incentives for organizations. Our team of experts understands the complexities of the tax code and can guide your organization through the process of claiming the incentives you’re eligible for. This can result in significant savings for your organization.

      How much can our organization potentially save with Fig Leaf Financial Group's services?

      The potential savings for your organization can be significant. Through our Health & Wellness program alone, organizations can save up to $2000 per employee per year. Additionally, Fig Leaf Financial Group can help your organization claim other tax incentives, further increasing your potential savings.

      What types of organizations can benefit from Fig Leaf Financial Group's services?

      Organizations of all sizes and across all sectors can benefit from Fig Leaf Financial Group’s services. Whether you’re a small non-profit, a school district, a chamber of commerce, or a large corporation, Fig Leaf Financial Group can help you maximize your tax benefits and reduce your expenses.

      Ready to maximize your potential?

      Let’s talk about how Fig Leaf Financial Group can help. Schedule a chat with us today.

      Our Mission & Values

      Guided by a strong sense of purpose and unwavering principles, at Fig Leaf Financial Group, we’re committed to ensuring our clients thrive.

      • Unearthing Hidden Opportunities: Like miners in search of precious stones, we seek out potential financial benefits your company may be overlooking.
      • Partnerships Rooted in Trust: Trust is the backbone of our relationships. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to build a better financial future.
      • Abundant Success: Our goal is to help you grow your business into a flourishing tree, firmly rooted in a strong financial foundation.
      • Lifelong Learning: The financial landscape is ever-evolving. We stay ahead of the curve to bring you the latest strategies and insights.
      • Community Commitment: We are dedicated to strengthening local businesses, and through them, our community.
      • Robust Solutions: We provide comprehensive financial strategies tailored to your specific business needs.

      Fig Leaf Financial:
      We have you covered.